No, all of Statewide’s services are free. You do not need a medicare card or referral for our service.
You can get face to face therapy at any of our three offices across Adelaide, these include Bedford Park (Flinders Medical Centre), Salisbury (John St) or Port Adelaide (Marryatt St). We also offer a phone based self-guided program and for people that need urgent care, we offer a voluntary inpatient program at the Flinders Medical Centre. 

You won’t need to wait for an appointment. Appointments can usually be scheduled for the next business day. A health professional is always available to talk to you on the day of your enquiry.

The inpatient program is subject to a waiting list but decisions to enter into the voluntary inpatient program are discussed at sessional visits with your health professional.

For the face to face high intensity program we recommend twelve face to face weekly therapy sessions however, we have found that some people show significant improvement or full recovery within four to five sessions. The number of sessions varies from person to person. For the phone based self-guided help program, we recommend five weekly phone-based sessions.

Both programs commence with a 90 minute initial assessment/screening. Sessions thereafter are approximately one hour in length.

Statewide has no religious affiliations. People who are religious and who are not religious participate in our program.
We also offer help to families and significant others of people with gambling problems. You can call us to make an appointment to see one of our health professionals or to find out about the support groups we have available.
When you conquer the uncontrollable urge to gamble, you can determine the extent to which you gamble if you still want to.
No, the treatment we provide is one to one.
Chase your dreams, not your losses
The Statewide Gambling Therapy Service is provided by the Southern Adelaide Local Network, and is funded through SA Health
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