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The Statewide Gambling Therapy Service is a free service for any South Australian experiencing difficulties with gambling behaviour. The service offers an evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program that has been tested and evaluated by the Flinders Centre for Gambling Research. The program is highly effective in helping people overcome their urge to gamble. Our long standing collaboration with Flinders University and the Flinders Centre for Gambling Research has led to the development of a world leading and unique treatment model designed specifically to address problem gambling.

Our success rates speak for themselves with over 75% of people who complete the program reaching full recovery. We successfully treat all problem gambling including pokies, sports betting, TAB, table games, Keno, gambling within games, online gambling or other.

To find out more or to book in a time to see one of our health professionals, go to our “Getting Help” tab.

Our Approach

Statewide Gambling Therapy Service offers one on one treatment with qualified therapists. Therapists support clients through therapy enabling clients gradually to face the situations and feelings that had make them want to gamble. Teaching clients that with practice they are able to overcome the urge to gamble.

Clients are encouraged to speak with a peer consultant who has had first hand experience and has completed the treatment successfully.

We offer follow up treatment to help you keep on track and monitor your progress.

Partners, significant others and family are welcome to attend to provide support where appropriate.




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Chase your dreams, not your losses
The Statewide Gambling Therapy Service is provided by the Southern Adelaide Local Network, and is funded through SA Health
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